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Heatseeker Soars Into Stores For PSP, PS2 And Wii

Yeah I know, this game came out and you never heard of it. It has to say something if a game blasts out of nowhere and onto store shelves. Whether if what is said is good or bad, that’s a whole other story. Anyway, I’m just here to report that this game is actually arriving at retailers nationwide.

Since we didn’t have time to cover trailers, screenshots and other worthy mentionables regarding this game, I’ve compiled a few trailers below. Basically, Heatseeker is a action-arcade title that bends the boundaries of air superiority. With over 35 different airfighters at the player’s disposal, Heatseeker provides land and sea battles across 18 different missions.

According to the press release, “Air superiority can only be achieved with the most advanced aerial weapons and Heatseeker has it all. Players can choose between 60 different weapons packs which include everything from radar-guided missiles to rocket propelled torpedoes to take out the opposition. Ultimate carnage can even be reigned down upon hapless foes with the power of nuclear-tipped cruise missiles.”

For further information you can visit Codemaster’s Official Website regarding Heatseeker for the Wii, PSP and PS2. Below are those trailers I promised you. Enjoy.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.