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Square Enix has sent out a new set of stills from Hitman: Absolution. This particular batch of screens shows off two important features of the assassination game: disguises and Instinct Mode.

Disguises have been a key part of the Hitman series since its inception. Agent 47 can wear the outfit of any dead or unconscious character. This disguise will make it easier for him to infiltrate areas without arousing suspicion. Just make sure that you hide the half-naked person whose outfit you stole, or else your cover will be blown.

Instinct Mode, meanwhile, is a brand-new feature. This special ability can be used to see enemies through walls, or freely walk past someone who could see through your disguise. You can only use Instinct sparingly, even on the lower difficulty levels. If you think it makes the game too easy, you can play on the highest difficulty level and turn it off altogether.

Absolution is set to arrive worldwide on November 20th. You can read what early reviews have been saying about the game here.

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