The newest trailer for Hitman: Absolution isn't about Agent 47 at all. Instead, it focuses on all of the other characters in the world and how they can make Agent 47's missions easier or harder.

The characters in Absolution aren't just standing around and waiting for 47 to kill them. Instead, they're living their lives. They puke in the bathroom, argue with each other, practice boxing and more. The net result is a realistic, living world.

The activities of these characters might seem meaningless at first. However, they can have a tangible effect on Agent 47's missions. Two clubgoers flirting with each other will be too distracted to notice 47 slipping by. On the other hand, it will be harder to knock out a guard if he's engaged in conversation with someone else. Also, listening to these conversations can help the player learn vital details, like what character is carrying a key to a restricted elevator.

These aspects of Absolution will be familiar to Hitman veterans. However, it's worth highlighting the dynamic nature of the game because it's been six years since the last entry in the series. Absolution is essentially a reintroduction of the Hitman brand.

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