This could potentially be an absolutely horrendous week for the ole' wallet, as PlayStation Plus Discounts and Sony's freshly launched “Sale of the Dead” offer up buckets of bullets, beasts and blood for extremely low prices. Oh, and Hotline Miami is free for Plus subscribers, too, just in case you have no interest in ridiculously deep discounts, you crazy person.

While Hotline Miami certainly gets the job done with a mouse and keyboard in hand, the game truly shines when it's being controlled with a pair of analog sticks and face buttons. In the game, you take on the role of a troubled cleaner who is constantly receiving mysterious phone calls requiring his less than savory set of skills. These skills are what allow you to break into a local drug house, mafia stronghold or penthouse suite and absolutely murder the ever-loving hell out of all of the bad guys patrolling the halls or lounging in the rooms. A roguelike of sorts, this is a one-hit-one-kill affair for our hero, turning each of the top-down levels into a puzzle of sorts, tasking the player with dispatching enemies as efficiently as possible on their way to the next payday.

Hotline Miami plays beautifully on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and this cross-platform version of the game will be 100 percent free for Plus subscribers as soon as the store update goes live later today.

Along with this week's addition to the Instant Game Collection, Plusers will be able to take advantage of a ridiculous number of discounts this week as part of the “Sale of the Dead” celebration. A two-week affair, festivities kick off today with Zombie Week and continue next Tuesday with the launch of Horror Week. Everyone on PSN has access to some pretty nice discounts on games, movies and television episodes that fall nicely within the boundaries of the given week's theme, but Plus subscribers will enjoy even deeper savings.

As is becoming commonplace with these types of sales, there are fare too many goodies to list here in a news update. Therefore, your best bet is to head on over to the sale's official announcement and prepare to pick your jaw up off of the floor. But in case you need a bit more convincing, here's a few of the highlights that just happened to catch my eye.

During Zombie Week, Plus subscribers can get Dead Island: Game of the Year for just five bucks. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is just $6.99 while Resident Evil 4 HD can be yours for $5.59. Even crazier is the fact that ou can get the entire season pass for The Walking Dead for $2.99. Nice, right?

Zombie Week movies don't come with a Plus discount, but instead offer a sale price for everyone to enjoy. These movies include Army of Darkness and I Am Legend for $7.99 and Saw and Shutter Island for $6.99.

Finally, select television shows have been marked down to $0.99 to $1.49 per episode from series like American Horror Story, Grimm and The Walking Dead.

Once again, those are just a few selections from this week's content and next week, Horror Week, will offer a brand new batch of tricks and treats for you to enjoy. Peruse the full list, pick out your favorites and get ready for a scary good time.

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