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Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future have carved out their own slots in the historical annals of legendary video game titles due to their awesome art-style and off-the-wall gameplay. What if I told you there was a game that aimed to rival what Sega did years ago, but then combined it with the new-school cultural phenomenon of parkour and first-person platforming? Sounding like a big bowl of epic awesomeness, eh?

Enter Hover: Revolt of Gamers, a game designed in Unity by Fusty Games, and planned for release on the PS4, Xbox One, PC and... dun, dun, dun, the Wii U.

That trailer above is an amazing piece of mouth-watering goodness, and it puts into perspective a clever new racing platformer that many gamers have been starving for given the absence of such titles in favor of gritty, modern military-shooters that sell by the buttload, but have become about as tired as finding out that Microsoft sells your privacy data to the FBI for only $50, as reported by The Register. Hey Microsoft, that Kinect video from a few days ago... that performance has got to be worth at least $200... at least.

But what is the game about? How does the trailer tie into something playably palpable or cohesive? Well, Nintendo Enthusiast has a neat little description of the game...
“The new Mayor of Hover City has outlawed video games amongst other kinds of entertainment, anyone who gets caught enjoying themselves is sentenced to hard labour. You’re playing on the side of the gamers, the side of a resistance hoping to get citizens their consoles back, after infiltrating high-security zones, divert cops, disrupt propaganda and more.”

Holy snap, this sounds like content creators trying to navigate a minefield of copyright plutocrats on YouTube. Heck, it's like YouTube: The Game. The only thing it's missing is pop-up ads and recommended videos that try to suck you into the “dark” section of the site.

Anyway, Nintendo Enthusiast also picked up recent quotes from the official Hover Twitter feed that acknowledged the game's multiplatform release...

Even better than that: the music creator for Sega's Jet Set games, Hideki Naganuma, even joined the team to work on the music for Hover. It's definitely shaping up to be a really awesome eighth-gen title. The whole concept of combining Mirror's Edge, Jet Set Radio and FreeJack just looks like so much freaking fun, especially considering that it has co-op modes and multiplayer support.

You can learn more about Hover: Revolt of Gamers by paying a visit to the official website. I can't wait to see this game released on the Wii U.

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