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Ubisoft has decided to reward players for sticking with The Division after dealing with some game-crippling bugs, specifically the missing character bug and the backpack bugs that would permanently hang the game between loading.

So what are the rewards? According to Shacknews, 500 Phoenix Credits, 10 stacks of high-end crafting materials and 150 extra Phoenix Credits for anyone who logs into The Division this weekend, in response to the daily missions bug that popped up in update 1.1 for the multiplayer shooter game.

All of those goodies sort of come with a caveat, though. Ubisoft is expecting that players in The Division not utilize exploits anymore. In fact, they don't want anyone across the PC, PS4 or Xbox One utilizing the game's exploits. They recently mentioned that they would be punishing players who take advantage of things like boss exploits, loot exploits and other weekly event exploits.

Funny enough, this did not go down well with the gaming community given that many players put the blame on Ubisoft for not fixing The Division. There's a highly upvoted post on Reddit from user CarpeBedlam who was angered that Ubisoft would seek to punish players for the exploits found in the game, writing...
We bought your game and our only responsibility when we boot it up is to play within its confines. We have no obligation to decide where the line between “smart play” and “abuse of mechanics” is drawn. We are not obligated to determine when an exploit is acceptable versus when it is in breach of a mystical “Code of Conduct”

That post was from four days ago after Ubisoft originally mentioned that they would be punishing exploiters in The Division. The decision did not go down quite so well on their official forums.

A lot of gamers questioned why Ubisoft wasn't putting more effort into stopping the hackers as opposed to going after and punishing people exploiting bugs found in The Division?

Despite the fact that the company will be rewarding players who have lost characters and goods due to the bugs and glitches in the game, they don't seem to be backing down from rolling out some kind of punishment for people who take advantage of the broken aspects of The Division.

It seems kind of unfortunate that players who find and exploit these in-game glitches will be punished for something that isn't being addressed or fixed by Ubisoft in their own game.

Just about everyone agrees that the hackers on the PC version of the game are a problem that needs to be addressed, but not as many people are on board with rolling out punishments for people just trying to have some fun with the game or cheat their way into additional resources or goods.

Additionally, Ubisoft has not said what the punishment will be or what conditions must be met in order to be punished for taking advantage of exploits in The Division. Hopefully they renege on this tactic because a lot of players have made use of exploits in the game for a little extra loot, rewards and gear every now and then, and it'll be a PR nightmare if they go through with it.

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