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The folks at Square Enix have come up with a pretty intriguing campaign that will let you "augment your pre-order" of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. In short, gamers will get a chance to earn several perks including early access to the game.

According to the announcement over on the European PlayStation Blog, the decision to go with this unique version of pre-order structure was made in the spirit of Desus Ex, which is all about the upgrades.

“In the spirit of player choice, which is at the heart of Deus Ex, we’ve put together a special program called Augment Your Pre-order,” reads the post. “It will let you choose the digital pre-order bonuses you want to get for your Day One edition of the game, selected from five different tiers which will unlock progressively.”

In order to take part in the program, all you really need to do is pre-order the game through the PlayStation store. The more folks who do that, the more tiers will be unlocked.

As more tiers of the promotion become available, you’ll have the ability to pick from a selection of bonuses that will unlock as soon as the game goes live next February.

Items within the reward tiers include things like in-game items and abilities, digital books and a soundtrack for Mankind Divided, as well as an extra mission for the game. If everyone makes it to the last tier, though, your reward will be the ability to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided a full four days before that Feb. 23 launch date.

There is, of course, a way to bypass all of this reward tier business and just claim a copy of everything for yourself, and that’s by reserving a copy of the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Collector’s Edition. That version of the game will include all content from all reward tiers, as well as physical items that have actually not yet been determined. It looks like Square Enix will hold a voting session for fans of the game to decide what spiffy extras (like maybe a statue or artbook) they’d like to have included in the Collector’s Edition.

So no matter which version of Mankind Divided you plan to get your hands on, it sounds like there will be some form of customization being thrown into the mix. This is, of course, just the latest example of Square Enix getting extra creative with their pre-order offerings. With Just Cause 3, somebody is going to get a gosh-darned island.

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