How Spec Ops: The Line Will Compete With Call of Duty

Spec Ops: The Line is a game that may not be on everyone's radar, with many believing the shooter to be simply another Call of Duty clone. The title's developer, however, believes the game differentiates itself with Activision's franchise in a multitude of ways.

"Of course we respect them and what they’re doing and what they’re doing is really good. Is it an influence? Of course. Is that a conscious or sub-concious influence? I don’t know this," said producer Francois Coulon to NowGamer. "We have played it, of course, because those people put it together and took it to that level so there will be a level of influence somehow. With that said, we have to sit down and think what can we bring to the table that’s going to be different."

"Obviously we have the Dubai setting which can be really crazy and we have the sand gameplay which can really affect things and it’s unique from those other games. You’ve seen the avalanches and sandstorms and it’s pretty different. It’s also important that it’s four vs four because that was a design decision for a long time. We wanted to push thie idea of squad based spirit in the multiplayer and, to be honest, I don’t have 31 friends to play with. But four guys I don’t have to play with people I don’t know."

Coulon added: "So this is something that is a strong design choice and the maps are a little bit smaller – it stays away from the frustration too. I don’t want to get onto a map with 32 guys and then ‘BAM’. I’ve already been killed by some 13-year old teenager from Florida [laughs]! I think that’s what we’ve managed to do here: it’s much more intimiate and there is a low barrier to entry. You just discovered it – it’s pretty easy to play."

"That’s what we’re trying to bring: the setting, much more intimate battles and very team orientated. It’s even like turrets. They’re so powerful, but without a guy to cover your back you’re going to be killed. It’s a small thing, but it all adds up," he concluded.

Yager-developed Spec Ops: The Line is currently scheduled for a release on June 26th in North America and 29th in Europe. For a taste of its gameplay, view a developer walkthrough of the shooter below.