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New details are starting to slowly trickle out for the upcoming Wii U exclusive, Star Fox. Lead designer Shigeru Miyamoto has been very tight-lipped about some of the features for the space-fantasy shooter for the Wii U. Well, recently Miyamoto finally let loose some new details on the upcoming space-shooter.

Only SP caught some quotes from Miyamoto in an interview he had with iJustine. According to Miyamoto...
“With Star Fox, we’re doing something very different. What we have on the gamepad screen is a cockpit view, and on the TV screen you’ve got a third person, more cinematic view. As you’re playing, what you’ll find is that you’ll spend your time looking back and forth between the two, and when you wanna see the really cool cinematic visuals as you’re playing, you’ll look up at the TV screen and when you want to get really serious about battling an enemy, you’ll look down at the cockpit view. It gives a lot of different perspectives and how you’re able to switch between the two and play while there’s beautiful cinematics going on the TV screen.”

Miyamoto had previously mentioned before that the GamePad would be used for the cockpit view. This was explained as giving the player more freedom and accuracy when chasing down certain opponents and wanting to get in better precision aiming against foes.

It makes sense that the GamePad would be used for more serious, hardcore dogfights and the television would be used for more of the trick-flying and evasive maneuvering.

It does seem as if having to bounce between cockpit view and third-person view could become a bit distracting or disorienting for some players, but we all know how Nintendo doesn't like to stick to the same old with some of their titles. Apparently Miyamoto-san wants to push some boundaries with Star Fox, so we'll see where they're going to take it.

As far as gameplay goes... Star Fox was put on display last year during Nintendo's E3 Treehouse event where we managed to see some flying and shooting and a basic look at the game's visuals and play mechanics. If you're familiar with Star Fox from the GameCube then you already have an idea of how the game will look and play on the Wii U.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see any stages or bosses on display during the Treehouse event. Star Fox was showcased briefly alongside games like Giant Robo and a tower defense game that was literally based on towers defending against invading enemies. The concept and gameplay was pretty neat for the tower defense game, but I doubt something like that would be a massive seller.

I do wonder if this newest Star Fox will bring back the multi-vehicle support and gameplay that was featured in games like Star Fox Assault or if it will be focused solely on the game's aerial fighters?

The one thing that has been repeatedly made clear is that the game is scheduled to launch before The Legend of Zelda drops for the Wii U. So I'm guessing we'll see this take place some time during the summer, maybe?

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