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Ubisoft is full of all kinds of surprises. Last year the company was completely and totally averse to a PC port of the post-apocalyptic survival game, I Am Alive. They went as far as to say that it wouldn't be worth the production or porting effort due to the 95% piracy rates flooding the PC games market. Well, today, despite their own protests, PC gamers can buy I Am Alive.

So let's do a quick recount of what went down and how it all happened: I Am Alive suffered a trouble development cycle and completely switched gears after being in development for several years. After finally settling on a tone and direction for the game, Ubisoft made it clear back in September, 2011 that I Am Alive would be released digitally for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN but not for PC. Shortly thereafter Ubisoft's creative director, on the project, Stanislas Mettra, explained why it wouldn't be worth porting the game to PC, calling the PC audience noise makers and that they were just whining and b*tching about it. One year later and the game is now available on Steam.

I find it irksome that a company can bemoan its own customers and those same customers will still give this company money, lap up their drudge and accept their desultory incontinence when it comes platform policy. And even though Ubisoft has finally and officially relinquished their bid for including always-on DRM into their games, they've still yet to come clean about how they even came up with their 95% piracy figure rate.

Nevertheless, by not buying the game it's not as if PC gamers are missing out on anything. For those of you who do buy it just know that it already sits at a 69 out of 100 from professional reviews and a 6.3 out of 10 from the user score on Metacritic, so the game is technically 100% mediocre.

The game itself is about a survivor in the post-apocalyptic urban landscape looking for his family and encountering all sorts of nefarious dystopian gangs and individuals.

If you'd like to pick the game up, digitally, feel free to do so right now on Steam for only $14.99. For more information feel free to visit the Official Page.

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