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Topware Interactive has announced that the space-flight simulator, Iron Sky: Invasion has been delayed to the end of November. The game was originally pegged to release next Friday in Europe, but after receiving some feedback from testers, it appears that there were some last minute tweaks that had to be made to fix up the experience and iron out the kinks.

Alexandra Constandache, CEO of TopWare Interactive made a very simple post in a press release stating that...
"After thoroughly testing the game within the community, we’ve listened to the feedback and have decided to implement some positive changes that will allow us to retain our high quality standards. We all here at TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump are huge fans of space combat simulations and want to combine the humor and bizarre world from the movie "Iron Sky" with great game features.”

Well, it's not uncommon for testers to spot bugs and bring it to the attention of a publisher or developer shortly before release, but it is uncommon for production to get pushed back at the last minute to make some changes in order to accommodate a better playing experience for users. My hat is off to Topware for listening to the testers, because there's nothing worse than forcing a game to ship before it's ready.

The game itself is a action-arcade, space-simulator that sees players attempting to stop a Nazi invasion from space. Yes, space-Nazis. If you like fighting Nazis in space while engaged in space simulation and attempting to save Earth, you might get a kick out of Iron Sky: Invasion. The game's new release date is set for November 22nd. You can learn more by visiting the Official Website.