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If you've ever wondered what all that symbol talk was in Famitsu or tried figuring out what Capcom or Nintendo had planned for their game releases when their executives gave interviews over in Japan, there was usually one site reliable for covering the news coming out of the land of the rising sun, Well, the site owner is moving on to bigger and better things and gaming news isn't one of them.

According to AndriaSang news contributor Anoop Gantayat...
I've decided to take up a new non game-related opportunity that I reckon will keep me super ultra busy, so I will be ceasing daily updates.

The site's archive and comments will remain in place, so you can still consult old content and share it with your children, and one day their children too.

Thanks for reading all these years, and a special thanks to everyone who registered and posted comments -- even the punk asses I banned.

AndriaSang was usually good on picking up untranslated Japanese news and filtering it for us uncultured, non-Japanese gaming beasts who only know one language or might be bilingual or trilingual but still can't read Kanji if our lives depended on it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the site, some of the recent articles included the breaking news about Ace Attorney 5 as well as The World Ends With You 2.

It's cool that the database will stay open so as Anoop says, kids and their kids' kids will be able to view the site and have a good time going over some good old video game history.

It was fun while it lasted. Now it's time to find a new site to capture Japanese gaming culture and translate it, otherwise we'll be stuck with the half-arse translating capabilities of Google Translate.

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