2K Sports, if you're not aware, is making a game called NBA 2K13 based on some obscure, multibillion dollar professional sports franchise. Afraid that the "NBA" is too obscure a brand to generate sales, 2K has enlisted rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z to serve as executive producer.

Jay-Z's role in NBA 2K13 was announced with a video posted on Life + Times, a site owned by the star. It's not clear what contributions he's making to the project. 2K declined to comment on the matter when contacted by Kotaku.

While "executive producer" can be a meaningful role, it's also used in a shallow, honorary sense. It's a title without any hard requirements. For example, Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry were executive producers for Precious - who the shit knows what either of them did for that film.

Jay-Z's obviously not going to oversee quality assurance, run focus groups, or do anything that actually affects the game itself. Considering he's an international star and a part-owner of an NBA franchise (the Brooklyn Nets), though, he's in a good position to help 2K promote the game. I suppose signing him up isn't that much different than paying NBA players to appear on the cover: you're handing money to a celebrity in hopes that the public's affection for them will rub off on your product.

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