Namco Bandai released some new screenshots and a teaser trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive thousand-army, beat 'em up game, Kamen Rider: Battride War. The new screenshots are just static snapshots of the game and the trailer itself is basically a CG-fest of sorts to help get fans of the popular TV show amped up and excited.

Kamen Rider: Battride War is based on the television show of a similar ilk, where masked riders are tasked with saving the world from mutant warriors who wear spandex. Just like in the TV show, gamers will be able to open up a can of karate-kick-butt and beat the living mutant out of the bad guys, just like in a bunch of other Namco Bandai or Tecmo Koei games. You can check it out in the teaser trailer below, courtesy of Gematsu.

The little bits of the gameplay showcased at the very end actually looks pretty good, visually. For a game made on a budget probably about as big as the budget of producing two episodes of the show it's based on, it looks surprisingly polished.

Then again, Namco Bandai has been recycling the thousand-army engine for years, so it's no big surprise there.

Anyway, you can check out the new screenshots for the game as well, which are below. Kamen Rider: Battride War is set for release on the PlayStation 3 in Japan beginning May 23rd, later this year. We'll keep you posted on any North American or European release windows.

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