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Normally collecting hidden objects in a video game doesn't net you much - maybe an Achievement/Trophy or two if you're lucky. With Killzone 2, though, you can earn actual stuff in the real world.

Okay, we don't mean "real world rewards" in the sense that it's of any value to anyone in the real world - just that these rewards have physical matter. Anyway, Killzone community editor Victor Zuylen revealed on Playstation Blog today that picking up Helghast intel in KZ2's single-player campaign will net you special content on

"These unlockable rewards come in various shapes and sizes – some are simply printable versions of the propaganda posters you see in-game, others contain details on the wildlife of the Maelstra Barrens or pages from a Helghast soldier’s secret journal," said Zuylen. There's also a few papercraft awards (pictured on right). Woot?

Killzone 2 will be released for the PS3 on February 27th.

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