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Killzone: Mercenary has been up and running on the PlayStation Vita for a little over a week now, giving players the world over a chance to step into the shoes of a gun for hire and tackle missions that offer the biggest payday. The developers at Guerrilla Cambridge said the game's online portion has been steaming right along, and now have some stats to share concerning everyone's go-to weapons.

In Killzone: Mercenary's single player campaign, players take on the role of Arran Danner, a soldier of fortune willing to take on any job from the ISA or Helghast nations so long as the money is right. As I said in our review of the game, the single player options are decent enough for a first-person shooter, offering a nice amount of variety and multiple ways to tackle each mission, but the multiplayer is where the game truly shines.

According to Guerrilla Senior Producer Mark Green, said multiplayer is doing just fine a week in, with thousands of players racking up kills, hacking VAN-Guard capsules and blowing their enemies to smithereens. Green recently dropped by the PlayStation Blog to share a few stats concerning the Vita's top shooter, stating that the trusty M82 and silenced STA-52SE appear to be the current weapons of choice. At the time of Green's posting, each gun had accumulated more than 5 million kills across the game's three online modes.

Another big winner in the online battlefields is the STA-18SE, which Green highlighted as players' number one headshot machine. For a full rundown of the most recent stats, you can check out lots of additional details on the official website, where arms dealer Black Jack breaks down all of game community's stats.

And finally, we get down to my real reason for writing this post: A few comments to said online community in general. I broke down some of the game's finer points in a beta hands-on a little while back but, even after a week online, quite a few players seem to be struggling with the Guerrilla Warzone mission objectives.

Perhaps “struggling” is the wrong way to define what's been happening in this particular mode, as that implies that people are aware of what they are doing wrong and “trying really, really hard to fix it.” What's actually happening is closer to absolute neglegance.

For starters, Guerrilla Warfare is not deathmatch. If anyone wants to play that type of “shoot first, ask questions later” gameplay, then Mercenary offers it in the form of free-for-all and team deathmatch options. Guerrilla Warfare, though, is all about the objectives. Despite that fact, I'm still seeing an abundance of players just strolling around, pulling the trigger on anything that moves.

The lack of voice chat is what's allowing this to continue to run rampant. Without it, players are unable to let their teammates know, not only that they're acting like an idiot, but actually help them understand what they are doing wrong. So, to that end, here are a few quick tips for Guerrilla Warfare that will hopefully get things running more smoothly. Keep in mind that I'm absolutely having a blast with the game, I just think that some players could do with a little pep talk.

-Unless the game is in deathmatch mode, pulling the trigger every time you see an enemy isn't ideal. Some of the objectives are tricky to pull off, which is what makes this mode so much fun. You're only hurting your team by chasing an inconsequential kill/death ratio. It's been my experience that the players with the most kills in this mode typically finish at the bottom of their team's ranking, thus earning less money in the long run.

-If you aren't actively hacking a VAN-Guard capsule, maybe watch your teammates back? I can't tell you how many times I've begun a hack, only to watch my teammates run off in the other direction and leave me defenseless for those few important seconds it takes to complete the objective.

-You don't always need to activate your VAN-Guard just because it's available. Consider the modes you've played, what modes are coming up and when your fully charged bonus will be most helpful. If you're supposed to be interrogating the enemy, for instance, your airborne kills with Sky Fury aren't going to help the team win the round.

-Bounty Hunt is all about picking up those Valor cards. It doesn't matter how many enemies you shoot down if you aren't grabbing their cards to actually score the points. What's most baffling is that this is explained, in detail, as the mode begins, yet I'll still see half of my team sticking to their sniping perch rather than tackling the mode's intended up close and personal warfare.

-Finally, and addressing the most infuriating problem so far, is the Interrogation mode. I can't tell you how many times I've been in the middle of interrogating an enemy, mere seconds away from scoring the team some points, when a “helpful” teammate runs up and decides to shoot the enemy before I can finish the job. What the actual hell, people? When the mode begins, the announcer flat out says “do not kill the enemy.” If you don't have a tranquilizer dart or Arc Missile handy, you've got two options: Melee the enemy from behind or shoot them in the legs until the fall on the ground injured, then finish the interrogation while they're down. Anything beyond that and you're costing your team points.

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