In late June, Guerrilla Games announced that Killzone: Shadow Fall players will be able to command an aerial attack drone known as the OWL. A new gameplay trailer from the studio shows this robotic companion in action.

"Being a Shadow Marshal is all about dominating the flow of combat and fighting on your own terms," producer Poria Torkan said on the PlayStation.Blog. "Your OWL combat drone gives you enormous freedom in choosing how each fight plays out."

The OWL is a very useful ally to have in a firefight. Its stun mode will stun all enemies and disrupt all electronics in a small area. Shield mode will create a one-way protective barrier directly in front of you. The OWL can also simply be used to attack any nearby foes. It doesn't seem like it can actually "die." Instead, when it's damaged, the OWL flies back to the player and regenerates its health.

The drone has uses outside of combat as well. It can create a zipline for you so you can quickly traverse across chasms. The video also shows the OWL hacking a computer terminal. I assume there's going to be at least one "fight off Helghast onslaught while your robot hacks a door" moment in the game.

All of these actions are activated via the DualShock 4's touchpad. This means you're completely in control of the OWL. This makes the drone a much more strategic addition to the game than say, an A.I. companion who just follows you around and auto-attacks. It's up to the player to decide how to use the OWL's abilities in battle to give himself an edge.

Shadow Fall pre-order customers will be able to gussy up the OWL with new skins. The Shadow Pack, available through participating retailers, gives players three different makeovers for the robot. The skins enable the OWL to look like Guerrilla Games' logo, a shark, or Captain America's shield. The Shadow Pack also includes the official soundtrack as well as a special victory gesture for multiplayer.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will launch alongside the PS4 this fall. Guerrilla says that if you pre-order a Shadow Fall PS4 bundle, you'll still get the Shadow Pack.

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