This year the Metal Gear series will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Series creator Hideo Kojima can't promise that he'll make MG games for another 25 years but he's going to stay in the industry no matter what.

"Honestly, I really don't know in 25 years from now if I'll still be making Metal Gear, or even if Konami will still be around - I really can't say," Kojima told Eurogamer. "But I can say that if I'm not dead by that time I will still be making games in some form. I don't have any intention of retiring - until the day I die I will be making games."

"Maybe by that time technology will be so advanced that I can make a game all by myself by using a bunch of robots. Who knows?"

You know, I loved Metal Gear Solid 4 but that game was pretty fucking looney tunes. I can only imagine how crazy would Metal Gear Solid 15 would be if made by an elderly Kojima and a team of robot programmers. Those will be some long-ass cutscenes.

Kojima is serving as executive producer on the upcoming action game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. He and his team at Kojima Productions are also working on a mystery project using their Fox Engine technology.

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