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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about director Hideo Kojima over the years, it’s that the dude loves to tease things. He’s like an adorable, brilliant child who wants everyone to know that he’s got a secret. So when he posts a picture of a seemingly casual meeting with Walking Dead star and lead in Kojima’s recently cancelled game, Norman Reedus, you can imagine that the rumor mill hopped into full swing.

To be clear, the only thing we have to go on here is a picture of Kojima and Reedus sitting at a table, with the information that Kojima is filling the Boondock Saint in on his new company. A perfectly casual, totally normal meeting, right?

Well, fans of Kojima are hoping that there’s nothing “innocent” about this meeting. First, a brief dive into recent history.

As you likely recall, Kojima and his former bosses at Konami had a messy breakup last year. One of the casualties of that split was the upcoming horror game, Silent Hills. Originally revealed as a “Playable Teaser” called P.T. on the PlayStation 4, the terrifying demo ended with a brief look at Norman Reedus walking through some familiar foggy streets as the words Silent Hills popped up on the screen. If you prefer a visual reminder, here you go.

In short, people were ecstatic to learn that, not only was Silent Hills coming, but it was being directed by Kojima and starring a beloved actor. Imagine how insane folks got when they then discovered that the game was actually a collaboration project between Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, the man behind such films as Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim and, more recently, Crimson Peak. In other words, it was basically a dream project for many a nerd the world over.

Everyone was heartbroken when it turned out that Silent Hills was cancelled, but we found a bit of relief when del Toro said that he and Kojima had every intention of working on “something” in the future.

It was recently announced that the duo will be partnering to give a presentation at DICE tomorrow, Feb. 18, which also got a swarm of new rumors started. If they were giving a talk, then surely they’re already working on something, our frantic fanminds insist.

But now that Kojima has posted this picture of him meeting with Reedus, even the more logical sectors of our brains are buzzing with activity. Here’s hoping that we hear something (literally anything) to quench our thirst for details in the next 24 hours.