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Just in time for the holidays. KontrolFreek has announced that their analog controller accessories are now currently available for Microsoft and Sony's newest home gaming consoles. This means that you can bring all the precision game pad support that you enjoyed from the FPS Freek accessories with you into the new generation of gaming.

When I first held the Xbox One's controller in my hands, I figured it was just about perfect. But then, as I fiddled around with it and nodded in approval at the near perfectly designed analog sticks, I realized that something felt amiss. “What is it that tingles my trouble bone?” I asked, quizzically. Soon after, I found out what it was that was bothering me: The Xbox One's analog sticks are no longer the same size as the Xbox 360's analog sticks.

That's right, the Xbox One's analog sticks are ever-so-slightly smaller and the new and improved notched sides – while offering much better support and grip – don't snugly fit into the Xbox 360 controller FPS Freek accessories. It's kind of a bold trade-off really, because it feels like an artistic shame to cover up the Xbox One's analog sticks but at the same time, the KontrolFreek extenders really do help out with precision aiming and maneuverability.

Saddened at this thought, I retired the gun metal Halo 4 KontrolFreek covers to the corner, where they would reside for an undisclosed amount of time.

Thankfully, KontrolFreek recognized that the analog sticks for the PS4 and Xbox One controllers are, indeed, smaller and have announced that their newest accessories are now designed to fit appropriately on the two new consoles' controllers.

Ashish Mistry, President and CEO of KontrolFreek commented about the new analog caps, stating...
"Our customers have been clamoring for KontrolFreek products that fit the Xbox One and PS4 controllers," ... "Gamers are an intense customer segment you rarely want to mess with, and with our next-gen products now available, they can get back to playing the way they were accustomed."

This is actually great news because I was desperately thinking about my competitive edge with landing headshots using the FPS Freek line of gear.

KontrolFreek rolled out two additional accessories for new gen and old gen consoles alike called the FPS Freek Phantom and the FPS Freek Snipr.

Both of the stick extenders are available at a discounted rate due to pre-Christmas sales; this means you can grab the FPS Freek Phantom and the FPS Freek Snipr for only $13.99. Regular, they go for $19.99. There's also a special buy two deal going on right now, that might seem like a worthwhile venture for those who have multiple consoles with multiple controllers.

You can learn more about KontrolFreek with the video below or click on the in-line links above. It's nice to know that KontrolFreek is up on the latest generation of consoles and providing goods so close to their launch.

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