Last Of Us's single-player DLC Left Behind could be a month away. The PlayStation Store now lists a February 14th release date for the add-on.

Left Behind, the first story-based DLC ever made by Naughty Dog, is a prequel to the campaign. Joel isn't even in the picture yet. Instead, the main characters are Ellie and her friend Riley. The two are students at a military boarding school in the Boston quarantine area.

Naughty Dog said that Ellie is the playable character and Riley serves as the A.I. companion. Without Joel to hit people with two-by-fours or shoot them up with an assault rifle, this should be a very different experience. It's probably slanted more toward stealth.

"It’s definitely different. It’s a little bit more 'fun,' because you have two teenage girls going through a mall," Ellie's voice actor Ashley Johnson told PlayStation Blog earlier in the week. It’s kind of like a post-pandemic version of two teenage girls hanging out. Definitely not a normal hangout! It’s very different — a little more playful. There’s a bit of everything in there. You’re really getting a new sense of the environment. You’ll engage in combat that seems familiar from the original campaign, but there are some new touches and nuances, too."

If you're planning to get Left Behind at launch, you can pre-order it now for two freebies. The first is a dynamic theme starring Ellie. The other is a digital copy of Last of Us: American Dreams Issue #1, a comic from Dark Horse. American Dreams is a four-part series that showed how Ellie and Riley first met.

While the PlayStation Store is usually a reliable source for release dates, Naughty Dog has yet to announce an official release date. In other words, don't cancel your Valentine's Day plans just yet. In fact, don't cancel them at all. Why would you cancel your Valentine's Day plans just to play DLC that's still going to be there the next day? And why would I even insinuate that you're going to cancel in the first place? So many questions. Let's just move on and pretend this never happened.

Left Behind is one of three DLC packs Naughty Dog planned for Last Of Us. The Abandoned Territories Map Pack, loaded with new locations for online battles, arrived in October. The third and final DLC is said to be multiplayer-focused too but no details have been announced yet. A new game mode would be welcome but that's just an idle wish.

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