With only a few months left before we can all finally sink our teeth into Naughty Dog’s latest creation, The Last of Us, it’s no surprise that the developer is rolling full steam ahead on promotional content. Today, for instance, they kicked off a behind the scenes developer diary series with the first episode, “Hush.”

While The Last if Us certainly looks a bit like its adventure game sibling, the Uncharted series, pretty much everything else about the game looks to take a dramatic turn in a different direction. The game takes place in a world ravaged by a fungal outbreak. Weapons and supplies are scarce, which means it’s typically to avoid direct confrontation whenever possible. Along with the infected monstrosities that were formerly human beings walking around, the player will have to worry about fellow uninfected who would much rather murder and steal from you than offer you a safe place to rest.

To get everyone prepared for this darker, grittier dive into the apocalypse, Naughty Dog is kicking off a Last of Us development series with today’s release of Episode 1: Hush. Get ready to take a sneak peek at the gameplay, hear from the developers and get exposed to some seriously nasty concept art for the various infected creatures.

Keep your eye out for more developer diaries in the coming months and, of course, get ready to finally play The Last of Us when the game finally launches on June 14.

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