Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment released the official multiplayer trailer for The Last of Us following on the early video release of the multiplayer gameplay footage that was available since yesterday. With just a week to go before the game launches, I suppose now would be about the best time to start letting people know that there is a multiplayer component attached.

The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic, adventure survival game. The main story follows Joel and Ellie as they trek across various states and encounter all sorts of individuals with sometimes violent results. The bandits, raiders, pillagers and ravagers aren't even the worst part about the new's the vegetable zombies. The cauliflower-faced mofos look like they ended up on the wrong side of weed insemination and they want to take their flowery, lettuce-colored, broccoli-skinned anger out on you.

The whole game looks pretty slick but what's more is that it comes with a fully fleshed out multiplayer component, as detailed in the video above. The various modes aim to bring gamers more than just a typical shoot-grind as found in many other titles trying to mimic the Call of Duty formula or the Gears of War forumla.

I'd definitely like to see more of the 12 weeks of survival mode, as that could prove to be the show-stealer of the bunch. You won't have to wait long to get your hands on the game or to throw it all in the ring with the multiplayer features because The Last of Us is set to release next Friday on June 14th. You can most certainly learn more by paying a kind visit to the official website.

Thanks Arekkz Gaming for the heads-up.

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