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One of the few games that I thought really shined in 2014 was Deck13 Interactive and CI Games' Lords of the Fallen. It was an obvious Dark Souls clone but it was a clone with heart. Well, enough gamers and critics loved it enough that it's getting the typical GOTY edition and it's due for release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on June 26th next month.

Gamer Headlines caught wind of the news and tossed up the news, noting that the GOTY edition of Lords of the Fallen comes with the full game, the Ancient Labyrinth DLC, the Demonic Weapons DLC, the Lionheart pack and The Monk's Decipher DLC pack.

The Monk's Decipher and Ancient Labyrinth definitely provided gamers with an extra bit of challenge that had them focusing both their wit and skill on trying to get through the new content.

The main game was about a condemned villain named Harkyn who is tasked with reaping the souls of the lords of the fallen. The game is basically one long boss fight, as players will venture through the ruined lands to face down against some combat voracious foes who will not spare you an inch.

One of the real treats about Lords of the Fallen is that it's a nice step up from the typical hack-and-slash games where you just cut aimlessly at enemies and hope you're doing proper damage to them. Instead, Deck13 Interactive's title had players zeroing in on certain kinds of attacks and ways to overcome opponents. The idea was that players would focus more on the tactics involved in the fight rather than just relying solely on timing enemy patterns and letting loose the typical three-hit combo. Yes, that feature is still in Lords of the Fallen, but so are a lot of other nuances that change the way fights play out.

For instance, wearing heavier armor will help you absorb more damage but you'll also lose a lot of mobility and speed during combat. This results in players having to make tactical decisions before they even head into battle: is light armor worth having to avoid some attacks or is heavy armor better for absorbing some combos that allow you to retaliate with heavy strikes? Weapons in Lords of the Fallen also play a huge part in the combat.

Larger weapons are slower to wield and strike with but it's possible to lighten the armor load and compensate for the slow attack speed with fast movement speed. The reverse also applies for lighter weapons that don't deal as much damage but allow for quicker strikes. Players will have to micromanage gear to get the most out of their equipment and deal killing blows to enemies.

I imagine some players may not like comparing stats and measuring data to get the most out of their gear, but for gamers who love to item-scavenge and micromanage in RPGs like Dark Souls or the older Final Fantasy games, they'll feel right at home in a game like Lords of the Fallen. The game did have a couple of hiccups during launch but the developers were quick to address them to avoid the game's release being marred in bad press, opposite of some titles like Assassin's Creed Unity or Halo: The Master Chief Collection, two games where the launch issues followed them months into their release.

You can look for the GOTY edition of Lords of the Fallen come the end of June.
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