Many of you are already amped up for the second half of Season Two of the The Walking Dead. However, now you've got another reason to watch: BioWare will air a new CGI trailer for Mass Effect 3 during the next episode.

A short preview of the trailer, entitled "Take Back the Earth," is below. In the snippet, a little girl is playing in a patch of sunflowers when suddenly she notices Reapers gathering in the skies above. This invasion of Earth is the moment that kicks off ME3.

I'm pretty excited about watching a new cinematic trailer for a BioWare. The CGI trailers for Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect 2 were both pretty incredible. If they used the same company, Blur Studio, for the ME3 trailer then we're all in for a good show.

The Walking Dead will air on Sunday at 9pm EST on AMC.

Update: The full version is now available here.

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