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As promised, BioWare released a longer version of the Mass Effect 3 "Take Back Earth" trailer that debuted during The Walking Dead. It adds about a minute and a half of footage to the original CGI trailer.

The trailer begins with the opening event of ME3: the Reapers' invasion of Earth. The hyper-advanced race swoops down on the planet without warning and begins to systematically exterminate the population. The extended version shows more footage of this attack, including the transformation of humans into "husks" - essentially cyborg zombies.

At around the 2:00 minute, Commander Shepard shows up with Ashley Williams and an army. They then proceed to mop the floor with the husks. They didn't extend this part of the trailer too much, sadly. It's a shame because I'd rather watch that than extra footage of the little girl with the toy ship. On the whole, though, it's a solid trailer and should catch the attention of people who have never heard of Mass Effect before.

ME3 will launch on March 6th in North America and in Europe on the 9th.

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