Today supposed details on a "Rebellion" DLC pack for Mass Effect 3 hit the web. Don't get too excited, though. BioWare says that these details are inaccurate, though.

Sony's Hong Kong website stated that "Rebellion" was an expansion for the game's co-op mode arriving today. It would add two new maps, Firebase Jade and Firebase Goddess, set in a jungle reservoir and on Thessia, respectively. New equipment, including three weapons, was also promised. The most interesting part, though, was that its six new classes included Vorcha and Phoenix characters.

Both the Vorcha and Phoenix have never been playable before. The Vorcha are a primitive, warrior species seen briefly in Mass Effect 3's campaign. As for the Phoenix, well, who knows what they are. The prospect of a never-before-seen race made the "Rebellion" DLC a source of great interest among gamers.

However, BioWare quickly shot down this rumor. Community manager Chris Priestly said this on the company's forums: "Sorry folks, this is not true. There is no ME3 MP DLC coming out tomorrow. This is the internet and you cannot 'unsee' things, but the details in this are not correct."

Priestly's statement doesn't necessarily mean that "Rebellion" is fake. It might still exist in some form. I can't imagine Sony's listing was completely fabricated. Still, if this DLC is real, it won't be coming out today. You'll have to find some other way to pass the time.

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