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BioWare hasn't announced a PS4 or Xbox One version of the Mass Effect Trilogy yet. However, BioWare Edmonton and Montreal head Aaryn Flynn discussed some of the possible features that these remakes would include.

He said on NeoGAF that some of the most-requested improvements by fans relate to graphics. Fans want to see 1080p, 60fps visuals for the three games. Higher resolution textures, especially for the first ME, are also on the wish list.

Fans are hoping that Mass Effect Trilogy on PS4 and Xbox One will be a "seamless" experience too. They want to be able to continue Commander Shepard's story from one game to the next without having to jump through hoops like importing saves. All of the post-launch DLC should be there, too, but "organically" inserted throughout the experience.

"It should just all be there, as if it never wasn't there (if that makes sense)," Flynn said about DLC.

Some players also asked for Mass Effect 1's combat to be redone with the new combat mechanics from ME3. However, Flynn said that he doesn't consider that a viable change.

"First it would be a helluva lot of work. Second, I hate the idea of us being accused of 'retconning' ME1. Third (and I bet everyone on NeoGAF knows this), there are those who prefer ME1... So given that all that, it doesn't feel like the right thing to do."

The Mass Effect Trilogy was released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in late 2012. Flynn said in March that BioWare was discussing PS4 and Xbox One remakes of the bundle. Those versions were listed by an overseas soon afterward. However, BioWare has yet to officially confirm the new-gen versions.

Some fans might have expected such a reveal today. November 7th is N7 Day, an annual Mass Effect celebration hosted by BioWare. Flynn said on Twitter that there are no plans for an ME Trilogy announcement today, though. BioWare will be streaming a roundtable discussion of the Mass Effect development team at 10 a.m. Pacific. Even if they don't have any formal announcements to make, they could drop a few hints about the new-gen ME Trilogy. It would be nice to get a few new details on Mass Effect 4, too.

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