Rockstar Games has sent out more screenshots from Max Payne 3. In the shots, Payne is enjoying a quiet evening in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Just kidding, he's killing people. Payne, no longer an NYPD detective, has decided to enter the private sector. He becomes a bodyguard for a wealthy Brazilian family, which seems like a pretty cushy gig. However, the family is targeted by a powerful criminal gang and it falls to Payne to save them.

While MP3 introduces a cover system, it's very much a run-and-gun style shooter. You're not going to be sitting back and sniping people. You're expected to race around with two guns at the ready. As one of the shots demonstrates, you can also pummel enemies if you're running low on bullets.

MP3 is due on March 2012 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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