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Earlier today Infinite Game Publishing and IronClad Games announced Sins of a Dark Age, a medieval-fantasy MMORTS-RPG action game. Following up on that announcement is Infinite Game Publishing's second reveal for the day, MechWarrior Tactics.

MechWarrior Tactics is a turn-based strategy rendition of the popular MechWarrior franchise based on the BattleTech universe and is being developed by Acronym Games. The game will be unlike the other Infinite Game Publishing title, MechWarrior Online, insofar that one will be more action oriented while the other will focus mainly on the tactical side of mechanized warfare.

In addition to this, MW Tactics will still feature a robust and detailed mech customization feature, allowing players to scavenge, equip and upgrade components on their mech, as well as compete with and against gamers from around the world for complete battlefield domination.

A complete list of the game's features was also released in addition to the website going live, allowing eager players to scope out some of the details for the upcoming free-to-play MMO.

You can check out the fact sheet below or visit the Official Website to sign-up for a newsletter and keep up to date for when the beta goes live.

Game features:

• Collect, Customize, Command:
o Earn Experience and new resources as you advance your level through gameplay
o Upgrade and customize your Mechs in your Mech Bay
o Make the most of each Mech's unique configuration for total battlefield domination

• Customizable Mechs – seamless store integration means never having to leave the game to purchase and equip new resources for your next mission

• Asynchronous Combat: Multiple concurrent battles with players from around the world

• Competitive ranked games and global leaderboards lets the world know you're in charge. Play for a chance to win larger, more meaningful reward payouts

• Watch and share your completed battle using a unique cinematic replay feature

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