During last night's Champions League Final involving Chelsea and Bayern Munich, EA debuted a new trailer for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. In the trailer, a U.S. Special Forces team heads to the Philippines.

Looks like DICE has stumbled on a way to differentiate Medal of Honor from Battlefield: there's no dubstep in this trailer. Instead, they decided to use guitar riffs at every turn. The terrorists shot a hostage. Guitar riff. Breach and clear the room. Guitar riff. It works well enough.

The trailer closes with a list of special forces units from around the world. That's a too-subtle indication of the game's multiplayer. Warfighter's online mode will pit rival special forces units against each other in team-based competitions.

Warfighter is due in October on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. A Wii U version is also in development.

Guitar riff.

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