Let's face it, guys: When you head to the men's room, there's a certain form of etiquette that you follow. Use the farthest urinal from the door if nobody is around, leave a space when you can, know when to ditch the urinal for the stall and always-always wash your hands. These unspoken rules have now been turned into a strategy game of sorts, it's called Men's Room Mayhem, and it's heading to the PlayStation Vita later this year.

This is one of those lovely instances where I get to say “I'm not making this up, folks.” Every now and then a game comes along that seems too far out there to be real, and a pee break simulator certainly falls into that category.

Announced through the PlayStation Blog, Men's Room Panic is the brain child of Producer Phil Gaskell. He said that, after making a trip to a bathroom at a local pub, he realized that there was a certain code that he stuck too when it came to doing his business. It wasn't something he was taught so much as something that just seemed to be ingrained in his genetic makeup. With that, he decided it would be a good idea to make a game all about proper men's room behaviour in order to see if other guys out there follow the same code. He didn't need to make a game to solve this mystery. The answer is absolutely.

Hailing from Ripstone, Gaskell and his crew typically work with indie developers to help get their games out to the world. This time around, however, they teamed up with Sawfly Studios—made up of Studio Liverpool vets—to make their own game.

You can read all about Men's Room Mayhem in the above linked blog post. Or, you could just wait until later this year for it to release on the PlayStation Vita. If you've ever wanted to play a game that has you directing guys around a men's room like some crazy version of Flight Control then, my friend, your day has finally come.

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