Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance tells the story of cyborg ninja Raiden. However, it almost focused on a different ninja. Series creator Hideo Kojima says that he wanted Gray Fox to be the star of the game.

"It was actually not my idea, it was my staff in Kojima Productions that insisted on Raiden, and I respected their idea," Kojima told IGN. "I wanted to really focus on production than development, and they wanted to come up with a really cool hack-and-slash title with some Katana action and Raiden in it, and I thought ‘okay, that’s fine, I respect that’."
Kojima says that if they had gone with his idea and centered the game on Gray Fox, he would've had to write the script and be extremely involved in development. That would have undermined his goal to pass the torch to younger members of his team.

Gray Fox, also known as Frank Jaeger, is a character that has existed since the start of the Metal Gear series. He's been a fan favorite since his appearance in Metal Gear Solid and seems like a great hero for a spin-off. However, Kojima is right: the character pretty much belongs to him. Raiden's a less developed character and subsequently it seems like it'll be easier for someone else to come in and create his story.

Nonetheless, Gray Fox fans will have a good reason to look forward to Revengeance. The game features a Gray Fox skin for Raiden so you can pretend like Jaeger is the star of the game.

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