Like any true Metal Gear game, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will pit players against a collection of eccentric bosses. Today's gameplay trailer introduces four cyborg members of private military contractor Desperado Enforcement who will serve as main bosses in the game.

Mistral is accompanied by small, multi-armed drones called Dwarf Gekkos. These drones will swarm Raiden while Mistral attempts to impale him with her spear. She can also attach the Gekkos' arms to her suit and wield weapons in each.

The next boss in the trailer is Monsoon. Monsoon wield a pair of Sais called "Dystopia." His body parts are actually held together by magnets and he can dislocate them at will in combat. For example, if Raiden tries to slash him in the stomach, he could detach his torso from his legs and let the blade pass harmlessly between the two.

Sundowner is the token brute boss. He's an enormous cyborg who wields two machetes. He's also covered in armor plates. Cannons are mounted on his shoulders.

Samuel Rodriguez only makes a brief appearance at the end of the trailer. Like Raiden, he favors a katana. The similar skillsets of the two character seem to suggest that Sam's going to be the main antagonist of Raiden in this game. Maybe he'll even be the final boss?

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