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Konami just held a 25th anniversary event for Metal Gear out in Japan. As rumored, they announced a new Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is in development for unknown platforms.

Developer Kojima Productions apparently showed off the first gameplay demo at the event. In said demo, Snake infiltrated an enemy base and killed a guard. He also drove a jeep and called in a helicopter. All of this took place in an open-world environment - yes, that's right, Metal Gear is going sandbox.

With any luck, this video will be publicly released soon. All we've got to share so far is the first art. It shows Snake standing in the rain in his full commando gear.

Ground Zeroes is said to be powered by Kojima's proprietary Fox Engine. This is the first game to utilize this new tech. The demo ran on a high-end PC - Sony and Microsoft obviously aren't going to let anyone show off their new consoles yet.

Rumors from earlier in the month suggested that the next MGS could arrive next summer. That seems a little too good to be true, though.

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