During E3, THQ showed off gameplay footage of Metro: Last Light. The post-apocalyptic shooter shows the same supernatural, creepy action that made its predecessor Metro 2033 into a sleeper hit.

In the video, the player and his companion are journeying through the ruins of post-apocalyptic Russia. They spend a good amount of time outdoors, making the video a good showcase of the game's graphical improvements over 2033. It's still not completely safe in the wilderness, though, due to packs of mutants and violent weather.

The demo has an interesting hallucination sequence in the middle. The duo head into a wrecked airplane to find supplies, and your character is suddenly whisked back in time so he can see the crash for himself. You also get to see a brief flash of your character's life before the nuclear war.

Last Light is due in early 2013 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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