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If there’s one thing that Minecraft has proven, it’s that people like building things. And destroying things. Now gamers will be able to both build and destroy things to their hearts content on the go, as Sony has finally announced a launch date for the PlayStation Vita version of the landmark indie game, and it’s coming up a lot more quickly than you might expect.

How quickly, you may ask. How does four days sound? SCEA Developer Relations guru Brian Silva dropped by the PlayStation Blog this morning to share the good news, announcing that Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition will be launching on the handheld console in digital form next Tuesday, Oct. 14, for $19.99. If you would prefer a physical copy, you’re going to have to wait just a bit longer, with that launch set for Nov. 11. Coincidentally, that’s around the time the Xbox One version is due out, too.

Here’s a fun fact: Like many games hitting PlayStation consoles these days, Minecraft will also be a cross-buy, cross-save title, meaning you can continue your adventure no matter what platform you’re playing on... including the PS Vita.

“With the portability benefits of PS Vita and its dual analog control system, you can now transfer your existing Minecraft PS3 Edition save to and from the PS Vita Edition, and continue to build, explore, and conquer anytime, anywhere,” Silva explained. “When you’re done, simply transfer your save to the PS4 Edition for the ultimate Minecraft experience.”

The cross-buy system is slightly more complicated than the usual fare. If you buy Minecraft on either the PS3 or Vita, you can download it on both consoles at no additional charge. If, however, you buy the PS Vita version and want to upgrade to the PS4, you’ll need to log onto the home console’s store and pay an additional five bucks. If you buy the physical version for Vita this November, it comes with a pack-in code to download it on the PS3 at no additional cost, too. Similarly, that code works on the PS4, with you needing to fork over an additional $4.99 to activate it for the upgraded version.

If you already own the PS3 version of Minecraft, just boot up your Vita on Tuesday and get to downloading. Unfortunately, cross-buy doesn’t work in reverse, so you would need to make an additional purchase if you already own Minecraft for the PS4. Kind of lame but, technically, we’re not exactly entitled to cross-buy as a feature and, as such, it’s hard to complain about additional copies of a game.

So, there you have it. Get your picks and swords ready, kids, because Minecraft is finally coming to the PlayStation Vita.

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