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In most RPGs, you’re typically the hero who gets recruited to save the world from a crazed overlord. In NIS America’s upcoming Mugen Souls, however, you are the crazed overlord and, wouldn’t you know it, you want to enslave pretty much everybody on the face of seven different planets.

Developed by Idea Factory and Compile Heart, Mugen Souls is set to offer a unique twist on the RPG formula once it hits the PlayStation 3 next Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Players will take on the role of Chou-Chou. In the world of Mugen Souls seven worlds have evolved on their own, eventually turning into varied, yet peaceful civilizations. But Chou-Chou doesn’t like to play nice. Chou-Chou craves only one thing: An army of obedient peons. And in order to get said army, he’s going to travel all over this tiny galaxy in order to enslave its various peoples.

Mugen Souls offers a mix between a turn-based and action RPG battle system. Characters will be able to move freely around the map when their turn comes up, unleashing their own attacks or teaming up with their party members to perform even more powerful group attacks. At the end of battle, you’ll have the opportunity to convince some enemies to join your ever-growing army with short dialogue trees.

When you’re not doing battle on the ground, you’ll be waging war in the air as you captain your flying G Castle. And like any good RPG, you’ll also spend an untold number of hours leveling up your weapons, equipping your minions, distributing new stats, etc.

Look for Mugen Souls to hit the PS3 on Oct. 16. In the meantime, bone up on the game’s particulars over on the PlayStation Blog.