It's a pretty big week on PlayStation consoles with eight new games making their way to physical and digital markets. Alongside a new Japanese PSone import and a couple of new Vita titles, the PS4 is getting a new Worms game, free-to-play aerial combat game, War Thunder and the highly anticipated ghostly crime solver, Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Hard boiled crime, the ability to possess random characters and the investigation skills of a super sleuth all get bundled together in Murdered: Soul Suspect, a game about Ronan O'Connor, a Salem detective who must solve his own murder before anyone else gets hurt. He also has to avoid some of the afterlife's more unsavory inhabitants, meaning the poor guy isn't safe, even in death.

Announced at E3 2013, Murdered: Soul Suspect arrives on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 the week before this year's big show, giving everyone something to keep themselves busy until this year's big gaming convention kicks off.

Also arriving on the PlayStation 4 this week, alongside the Vita, is the throwback to old-school platformers, 1001 Spikes. When your father, a famous archaeologist, dies and leaves you a map to a long-forgotten temple, of course the first thing you're going to do is run off and try to find said temple, no matter how dangerous the journey might be.

Also arriving on the PS4 and Vita this week is PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, an enhanced, cross buy version of the PS3 dual-stick shooter where players explore the cavernous depths of a mysterious planet in order to save scientists and manipulate the elements.

Back to games only available on the PlayStation 4, gamers can look forward to Worms Battlegrounds and War Thunder this week. Worm Battlegrounds takes the familiar competitive formula of the Worms series and yanks it into a new generation, with loads of weapons and customization options for your squiggly warriors, as well as some spiffy new graphics. War Thunder, on the other hand, is a free-to-play aerial combat game that lets players tackle some single player missions or jump into online battles where only the best pilots, and now the best tank drivers, win.

The Vita is also getting another pair of new games this week staring adorable dogs and adorable anime characters. PlayStation Vita Pets is a digital-only pet simulator that, at launch, will feature a handful of cute puppies for you to care for and go on adventures with. And then there's Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection, a game that morphs the beloved RPG series into an idol simulator where you must help new singing sensations sharpen their skills and put on the best concerts mankind has ever witnessed.

Finally, available as a PSone Import is Heroine Dream, an odd sort of life simulator that sees the player raising a would-be heroine from a nobody to a beloved legend by carefully managing stats and accomplishing goals. As with all of these imports, however, the game has not been translated, so buy at your own risk.

Need more info on this weeks games coming to PS platforms? Then check out the official announcement. Otherwise, look for everything highlighted above to hit the PlayStation Network tomorrow afternoon, June 3.

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