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Nintendo isn't letting the Club Nintendo concept completely die. The company is reviving the rewards program in the form of the new My Nintendo service, which will kick off with a number of other features from the Big 'N' in March of 2016, including their new Miitomo for mobile devices and the Nintendo Account service.

Eurogamer is reporting on Nintendo's new plans, which were revealed during their latest investor briefing. The My Nintendo service will allow players to enjoy their favorite games and earn points and rewards for playing the game. Points can also be rewarded for purchasing games and add-ons, giving players an opportunity to expand their library of Nintendo-themed content using the reward points.

According to the Eurogamer article the points can be traded in for special Nintendo themes or goodies, as well as costumes and accessories within certain games. It will work very similar to the old Club Nintendo. The big difference with this new service is that gamers will be able to access their My Nintendo account through a variety of different devices, including PCs and mobile devices.

Signing up with My Nintendo can also be done with Facebook, Twitter a Google account or an existing Nintendo Network ID. The My Nintendo account will also link to the Nintendo Network ID, so there will be a streamlined sense of connectivity between all of Nintendo's services and devices.

This is all part of a lead-up to Nintendo's big plans expected to roll out in 2016, including the Nintendo NX. With the Miimoto being one of the first forays into Nintendo's new direction into the mobile field, where they're working with DeNA to produce content for mobile smart devices.

The Miimoto has been delayed from its original holiday release to the spring of 2016. It appears as if Nintendo wants to unveil all of their big services and surprises in one fell swoop.

The Miimoto, the new Nintendo Account and the My Nintendo rewards program will all launch in March, 2016. Following the launch of the new services and mobile game, they will prep to unveil new details on the Nintendo NX, which is rumored to be a console and portable device that share interconectivity.

Miimoto will allow gamers to change and modify their Mii with a variety of clothing items and accessories and then interact with other mobile gamers. The brief description makes it sound like a sort of social connectivity experiment. It will also feature cash shop items since it'll be free-to-play.

Some people are excited about Nintendo's foray into mobile gaming while others aren't entirely thrilled about it. Nintendo's big push with whatever the Nintendo NX is going to be will ultimately determine whether or not they will sink or swim with their new device.

After closing down the Club Nintendo service and reviving it as the My Nintendo service and doing so where users can access it from just about anywhere and share in on games sprawled across all of Nintendo's devices is a great way for the company to step into the new generation centered around social connectivity and global, online gaming experiences.

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