Now that the hockey season is underway, it's time for ice-heads to kick back in the ole' recliner, pop open an ice-cold soda and enjoy a bunch of dudes trying to perform extreme athletic feats on a surface man was never meant to travel upon. And if you're going to watch hockey, what better way than through the comprehensive NHL GameCenter app? It's once again available on the PlayStation 3.

One of the coolest things about the NHL GameCenter app is that you don't actually need a subscription to NHL GameCenter LIVE to enjoy it, according to the PlayStation Blog. While those who subscribe to the service can enjoy all out-of-market games and additional features and content (in glorious HD, no less), absolutely anyone can download the app and take advantage of such features as post-game highlights, team schedules, a full NHL scoreboard and player stats.

According to SCEA Director of Emerging Platforms Chris Mahoney, however, true fans are going to want to make sure they take advantage of the full experience with a NHL GameCenter LIVE subscription.

“The 2013 app features a whole new experience and a new user interface that makes it easier than ever to navigate all the games in a given day with the new current daily view, change season years to access and find precious archived games as well as see global navigation to access game stats and other data,” Mahoney said.

The rest of the app's features, including full viewing control, multi-function capabilities and “condensed games,” can be perused at the linked blog post. That's where you'll also find instructions on how to subscribe to NHL GameCenter LIVE for 50 bucks (or two payments of $25).

Typically I'd close with some sort of a clever reference but, honestly, I know next to nothing about the wondrous sport of hockey. So, instead, I'll leave you with a quote from Mr. Freeze, as seen in the hit film Batman and Robin: “Stay coooool.”

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