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Ni No Kuni Draggle DLC Coming For Free, Oliver's Adventure Trailer Released

Ni No Kuni publisher Namco Bandai had two updates to share about the PS3 exclusive this weekend. The first bit of news: the game is receiving free downloadable content later in February.

Since its release in late January, Ni No Kuni has garnered strong reviews. The Metacritic rating currently stands at 87. Some have called it the best JRPG this generation.

Namco will release the Draggle Familiar DLC through the North American PlayStation Store on February 12th. The Draggle is a cute little dragon that will assist you on your journey. European PS3 owners already have access to this DLC.

The game stars a thirteen-year-old boy, Oliver, whose mother has died. A fairy gives him magical powers that let him enter the parallel world of "Ni No Kuni." Oliver travels to this new world in hopes of finding his mother there. Today's newest trailer, "The Adventures Of Oliver," provides a look at the story.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.