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As many already know Cave Story, the free downloadable, Japanese adventure title for PC is coming to the Wii's downloadable WiiWare service this year. In an effort to make you not pay for something you could simply download on your computer for free in the first place the developers have promised a few new things to spice up their console version. We learned in November that the game was getting a graphical overhaul courtesy of Nicalis and with designs by the game's original creator, Daisuke Amaya but it looks like wii owners will be playing Story with a few extra goodies, according to the game's official blog.

What kind of goodies you ask? Well, the problem is they kept their post pretty vague but they did promise DLC for the game. They didn't say what form this was going to take, whether it was going to be an extension to the story or if it was going to be new weapons or even new playable characters, but it's definitely something to get excited about. Also on the post, the folks at Nicalis promised that they wouldn't get overzealous with the DLC and lead the game astray- font color=#006699>"We're still working away at Cave Story trying to make sure it's faithful to Amaya-san's original while adding a few things for the console release." (via Nicalis)

Cave Story was originally released on the web in Japanese in 2004 after Daisuke Amaya spent five years working on it. The WiiWare release is scheduled for early this year, and looks as if it will breath new life into the already classic freeware.

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