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Nintendo’s strategy for the 3DS has basically been repackage and re-market the handheld device for a stronger grasp of the mobile market by giving the device a much needed price cut and some snazzy new colors. The strong fall marketing campaign is to help reignite some interest in the new handheld, which utilizes autostereoscopy technology that allows gamers to play 3D games without requiring 3D glasses.

Furthermore, Nintendo has announced that a brand new color scheme will be available for the 3DS alongside Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue, called Flame Red, and it will be arriving in combination with the launch of Starfox 64 3D beginning September 9th.

To give gamers a brief taste of what they can look forward to with the flaming new color scheme, a teaser trailer was released featuring the new color, which you can view below.

If that flaming red has got you all hot and bothered and imbued with a sense of mobile passion like never before, feel free to keep it on your “to-buy” list as it launches this September after the new price-point of $169.99 goes into effect at retailers nationwide beginning August 12th. For more info feel free to head on over to the Official Website.