It’s a new month, which means it’s also time for a new crop of goodies being offered in the Club Nintendo Rewards program. Four new offerings are being made available for the next 30 days, including two games for the 3DS and another two for the Wii.

For those unfamiliar with Nintendo Rewards, basically it’s a program that rewards loyal customers for buying Nintendo products with, well, more Nintendo products. Pretty much any Wii, Wii U, DS and 3DS console or game you buy these days will have a little slip of paper in it inviting customers to register their latest purchase with the program. Doing so earns you points that accumulate over time. You can even take a survey following registration to get additional points, as well as a follow-up survey a week or two later for even more points.

Every month, the Nintendo Rewards program offers a collection of digital download games in exchange for points. If something pops up on the list that you have an interest in, simply claim it and get to downloading. There’s also a collection of physical prizes, like pencil bags, patches and postcards, but they usually swap out on a much slower basis and often cost quite a bit more points than the digital prizes.

But enough backstory. You came here to find out which games are being made available this month. So, without further ado, here’s the rundown. As far as the exchange rate is concerned this month, Nintendo chose to keep things nice and simple. All four of the games for August can be yours for 150 points. These games will all be available through Sept. 1, at which point a new selection will become available.

First up, we’ll start with the 3DS offerings. For the next month, Rewards members with enough points in the bank will be able to download Mario Golf or Brain Age Express: Sudoku. The Game Boy Color follow-up to the NES Mario Golf, this colorful version of the classic golf game is one parts sporting event, one part RPG as you tackle four courses, multiple mini-games and try to level up your characters’ abilities. Brain Age Express: Sudoku, on the other hand, bolts the popular number game onto a framework based on the Brain Age series.

Over to the Wii offerings and we’re looking at Wario’s Woods and NES Play Action Football. Wario’s Woods is a Dr. Mario-esque puzzle stacker while NES Play Action football gives modern gamers a chance to see what sports games were like a good 20 years ago.

If nothing caught your interest this month, be sure to check back in early September, when a new crop of four free games rotates into the list.

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