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Worried about the Big 'N's line-up of AAA titles for the Wii U? Well don't. They're fine. Nintendo released a new trailer to remind people why they've been in the game for so long and what core gamers have to look forward to for the Wii U throughout the remainder of this year and the early half of next year.

The video runs through a list of some of the most anticipated games that have recently released and are coming out for the Wii U. Some of these games include Platinum games' The Wonderful 101, as well as Super Mario Bros. U and Super Luigi Bros. U. We get glimpses of Super Mario 3D World, which is like a poor man's version of Super Mario 64 but with four-players, which is pretty cool. We also see Lego City Undercover, which is like a Lego version of Sleeping Dogs, and it definitely deserves a bit more prestige than what it's received.

The latter half of the trailer mostly focuses on games you won't be playing until next year, with the exception of Sonic: The Lost World, which looks like Sega's serious attempt at detoxing Sonic and putting him back in it to win it, as well as Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which is a brilliant throwback to the classic SNES title with new-school features.

Nintendo's strong line-up of first and second party titles are exceptionally invigorating for the home console arena, but the real question is if any of those games will move consoles this fall? While I don't doubt that Sonic has some brand power, he's not the blue hedgehog that you can reliably count on to hit 10 million units like the yesteryears of gaming. And Donkey Kong... was he ever a first-tier console mover? I always thought he was second or maybe third-tier and was usually reliable during a mid-cycle drought of first-party IPs or whatnot.

Anyway, I think the real showstealer of the fall for Nintendo will need a be a price cut. It has to happen. Price cut announcement at TGS 2013 by Nintendo, plus a few of their first and second party exclusives could equal the moving and shaking that Nintendo needs to happen for the Wii U. They're already winning with a 3 million SKU install-base lead over their two competitors, they just need to capitalize on that lead.

Nintendo really kicks things up a notch for 2014, though. Let's consider that Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. U and Monolith's 'X' entry are the sort of games that fit within the killer app category. This rings especially true for Monolith Soft's game, which features giant mechs, an open-world, giant monsters, an open-world, customization features... an open-freaking-world! It's a game that will move Wii U's off the store shelf so long as Nintendo advertises it properly.

Also, a Smash Bros that arrives just in time for EVO 2014 could be huge and work as a great launch pad for the game, especially after the amazing showing of Smash Bros. Melee at this year's EVO.

You can learn more about Nintendo's line-up of games for the Wii U by paying a visit to their official website.

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