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One of the most anticipated games that isn't happening is a dream combination of Guillermo Del Toro, Hideo Kojima and actor Norman Reedus. They were all set to collaborate on a game called Silent Hills. Well, Reedus still wants that game to happen.

Speaking with IGN, Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus says he still “has faith” that this collaboration can happen and that despite being “super bummed” that Konami cancelled Silent Hills due to a fallout between Hideo Kojima and the executives at the Japanese publishing house over the budget of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, there's still hope. The actor told IGN...
The internet buzz about [Silent Hills] happening was so huge. I've never seen anything like it; petitions with a hundred thousand people that signed it, petitions to please make it happen, that's crazy. That's a crazy fanbase for not just that video game but also those people making that video game, and for me to jump on that truck with them, I was like, 'Holy balls. It has to happen. You need to do this.

Absolutely true. I'm not a big fan of horror games but I needed to see that iteration of Silent Hills happen.

It was kind of a dream collaboration come true, even more-so knowing that the art direction was being collaborated on by a known “master of horror”, Junji Ito, an artist known for making disturbingly cool Japanese manga. It was revealed back in September that Ito-san was working with movie extraordinaire Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima on Silent Hills, as reported by Destructoid.

Just imagine del Toro coming up with the creature designs and effects while Ito worked out the atmosphere and story and Kojima handled the cinematography and direction? I'm sorry but that really is a dream collaboration come true. Norman Reedus in the starring role would have opened up a ton of possibilities, especially with the near photo-realistic rendering capabilities of the proprietary Fox Engine technology.

It's just sad that Konami cancelled the whole thing.

Reedus mentions that the development on Silent Hills wasn't very far along and they had only done some very basic photography sessions. He almost says more but only stops at saying “we did some things with [the cameras]” but doesn't describe if that included motion capture sessions, separate from the facial capture sessions. For Metal Gear Solid V Kojima had several types of performance capture sessions, including face, voice and motion sessions carried out over the game's lengthy development cycle, which definitely managed to lend itself to the bloated $80 million budget of the game.

Nevertheless, Reedus joins Guillermo del Toro in lamenting the project being cancelled. Fans in both the gaming and horror genre are hoping that somehow the trio of artists can get together again and make the project into a reality. Some gamers are hoping they take the project to Kickstarter... but I don't know if gamers would be willing to pump millions into the project.