A new licensed racing wheel from Thurstmaster replicating the famed Ferrari 458 Italia racing wheel has been announced for the Xbox 360. While Microsoft may be promoting Kinect as a "fun" play option for Forza 4, any real racing fan knows darn well that the Ferrari 458 Italia force-feedback authentic racing wheel replica is the only way to truly immerse yourself into Forza Motorsport 4.

As stated in the press release…
The different action buttons and controls are within easy reach of the user’s fingers – making it simple to customize settings while racing, or access the Xbox 360 interface. Most importantly, this lets gamers get comfortable with the controller incredibly quickly, and focus on immersing themselves in the pure pleasure of racing.

The wheel sports a 28 centimeter diameter wheel with rubber grips, allowing for gamers to get an extra hold on the wheel for making those tight hairpin turns or those quick-as-a-blink chicanes. Additional built-in metal shifters, and a trademarked Manettino dial makes the wheel an accessible device for allowing gamers to also quickly change in-game options like the view, etc.

The F458 Italia will have 8 standard action buttons, a fully functional D-pad, an Xbox 360 guide button, an automatic centering bungee cord and a long-stroke accelerator and brake pad. Are you racing game enthusiasts drooling yet? Because I’ve had to stop and wipe the spittle from the keyboard a couple of times.

The F458 Italia will become available this October, exclusively for the Xbox 360. An additional TH8 gearbox will also become available this October, featuring two interchangeable shift plates, a 13 centimeter stick with a removable knob, the universal “H-pattern” (7 gears plus 1 reverse gear) a full clamping system and 100% metal parts.

You can learn more about the Ferrari 458 racing wheel and TH8 authentic gearbox by visiting the Official Website.

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