Yesterday rumors went wild that Blizzard's MOBA-style first-person shooter, Overwatch, would be coming to the Xbox One and PS4. Well, during BlizzCon the company officially announced the console versions of Overwatch.

Business Wire hosts the press release that Blizzard sent out for the game, where they announced that the game will be arriving this upcoming spring in 2016 for home consoles and PC.

The game is available for pre-order for $59.99 in physical format for all three major gaming platforms, and that edition of the game comes with all 21 characters, including hero skins for five of the characters such as Reaper, Soldier: 76, Bastion, Phara and Tracer, as well as additional Overwatch content that's themed after Blizzard's other titles. I'm sure we can assume that means StarCraft, Diablo and maybe Warcraft? There will also be a digital PC version available for pre-order on the official Overwatch website that's only $39.99.

Mike Morhaime, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment commented about the game's announcement for home consoles, stating...
We’re building Overwatch to be the first-person shooter we’ve always wanted to play, with a vibrant world, awesome heroes, and an emphasis on tightly focused cooperative gameplay,

We’re excited to welcome console and PC gamers to the fight for the future, and we can’t wait to see all the incredible things teams are able to accomplish on the battlefield this upcoming spring.

In addition to announcing that the game is coming to home consoles, Blizzard also unveiled three new characters for Overwatch. They had already previously unveiled D.Va, an e-sports champion who commands a mech in combat, but they also unveiled the scientific-oriented Mei, a character who uses climate-based technology to down opponents. The last of the three new characters unveiled is the cyber-ninja, Genji. Because in a game with a giant talking gorilla in power-armor and a speedy girl who can slip through the space-time continuum, a cyber-ninja sounds freaking tame. However, Genji does possess the unique ability to use his blade to reflect enemy projectiles. It sounds like the kind of character who might be difficult to use on the battlefield but could instantly become a major threat in the hands of a skilled player.

Overwatch has been peppered with promotional material leading up to this big announcement, and Blizzard also recently held a beta test for the game where players were able to experiment with some of the characters and get a feel for what the gameplay is like.

It's interesting because Overwatch will be launching in the spring of 2016 and Gearbox Software's Battleborn is also launching in the spring... more specifically, May 3rd. Both games are very similar to one another, except Battleborn is more of a cooperative MOBA-inspired title where-as Overwatch is more of a competitive MOBA-inspired title.

The graphics and visual art-style to Blizzard's title is fairly interesting and entertaining enough to captivate most audiences, but the gameplay is a little on the thin side. The skill ceiling for the game is fairly low for some of the characters but then again maybe Blizzard's intent was to design an FPS to attract casual audiences? We'll see if it all pays off when the game launches in spring of 2016 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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