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For fans, it’s always exciting when a video game’s release date leaks and this morning, IGN accidentally leaked the release date for Blizzard’s Overwatch in an advertisement. You can see the original leaked date in the image below.


The image comes from Game Informer, and is a screenshot of the mobile version of the advertisement with the May 24 release date.

After news of the leak started to circulate, Blizzard stepped forward and put out an official announcement confirming the May release date, plus dates for the open beta. Anyone who pre-orders Overwatch for any platform on the official website will get early access to the open beta on May 3 through May 4 for you and a friend. But the open beta will officially begin on May 5 and continue through May 9. Players will have to pre-order the game by April 29 if they want access to the open beta though. Another bonus of pre-ordering from the official website, you will get the Noire Widowmaker skin at launch.

When a major leak happens, very much like this one for Overwatch, the best thing a video game developer can do is either hope the press doesn’t catch on and fix the error, or give in and announce the release date earlier than expected. If the leak has gotten enough press, announcing the release date might just create a good buzz around the game. For example, this story is trending on Facebook now. So while leaks might be considered bad and a reason to panic on the developer’s side, fans become ecstatic and overly excited all over again.

As mentioned above, if you want to take part in the open beta, be sure to pre-order the game through the website. Overwatch will be releasing on to PC, Xbox One and PS4 on May 24. Check out the announcement trailer for the

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